I practice spirituality in action & stillness. Enjoying life in the present moment is the essence of my practice and my primary goal.

After spending several years studying spirituality intellectually, one day I noticed, or finally woke up, that what liberates you is not the intellect but the practice which centers in silence and stillness. Since then, I have explored various techniques and here I am to share them with you.

With help from Eckhart Tolle's teachings, I realized that various spiritual practices which developed over thousands of years point to the same fundamental truth although they seem to employ different techniques. I also noticed they all seem to have strength in different areas: Tensegrity and Tai Chi heightens awareness and “realigns” your energy, Yoga brings body awareness, sitting meditation calms the mind and allows direct experience of reality. Ultimately, they are like "different doors" that open to the same "space". And, always, this happens "now",

These are just a few practices I connect with, there are others. Try and see which one you connect with. then you might want to stay with one or two practice and go deeper. Currently I practice yoga and sitting meditation.    

The purpose of this web site is to list a few spiritual practices that bring "presence" to daily life and  allow us to experience inner peace, joy of life and compassionate love. 


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